Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stitch-a-header update!

Fab letter 'C' submitted by Jasmine
You may remember that we asked you, our beloved stitchy friends, for some help with putting together a stitched blog header for our blog 'ransom letter style'. The idea was that we at least would try and put together the words &Stitches from your efforts, the word Blog was optional.

The good news is that we have most of the lettering for the &Stitches ready. Thank you for all the beautifully stitched letters you have submitted so far! The only missing letter is the letter S (twice). For the word Blog we only have a G (but we do  have three of those!) Unless I haven't been paying attention and missing letters *are* posted somewhere in our Flickr group and I just didn't notice it. In that case let me know... Or if you have a letter in the works but haven't got around to posting it or aren't quite ready yet, let us know too!  Lettering from previous stitched letters (in a sampler for example) are also very welcome  :)  Looking forward to see some of the missing letters appear in the &Stitches Flickr group!

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